Ron Dentinger has worked the banquet circuit from coast to coast
for over 30 years.   Unlike most comedy club comedians, Ron is a
clean comedian which is important to the associations, corporations
and other groups that book him.
Ron does a 30 minute routine of
"classic style comedy"
that generates hard laughter and is priced right.
He is a favorite at Ag Banquets and Service Club Banquets.

(This website is a working antique, but at age is Ron)

While Ron mostly works as banquet entertainment, he is also booked
as the opening act for various nationally known entertainers including:
Jo Dee Messina, George Jones, Randy Travis, Neil McCoy, Sawyer Brown,
Tanya Tucker, Marty Stuart, Billy Dean, Brenda Lee, B.J. Thomas, 'Weird Al' Yankovic,
Crosby/Stills/Nash, Mary Wilson, Jim 'Gomer' Nabors, Christie Lane, Michael Johnson,
The Everly Brothers, Don Williams, Kenny Rogers, and The Righteous Brothers.

Booking Information:

Laughing Matters

P.O. Box 151

Dousman, WI 53118

Phone 608 935-2417 or cell 608 574-6924

To send an e-mail click here:

This short video clip is a sample of Ron's
material and straight-faced delivery.


"Thank you for the superb job you did.
My 80 year old mother liked you; my 23 year old son liked you.
Even the one person who comes to the convention every year just to complain,
liked you! Thanks for helping us have a successful convention."


"Speaking to a group of public speakers is tough duty, but you left a lasting impression.
In fact, there was only one negative comment: You rattled off so many jokes that you made it hard
to steal your material. Seriously, you were a pleasure to work with and your program was right on target."


"Your fine humorous entertainment was greatly enjoyed by everyone. Not only was it funny,
but it was also not offensive in any way, and we would highly recommend you to any group."


"You wowed the audience. Thank you so much for giving our Consumer Lending Seminar
a very neat, very funny closing presentation."


"A simple 'THANK YOU' is hardly sufficient for what you gave all of us Tuesday evening.
No doubt about made our evening, and really tied our conference together.
To make a long story short, you were SUPER! You made me look good."

"A Serious Look At Humor"

Because everyone has to get up and present in front of a group now and then,
and most people like to use humor when they do, Ron also has a presentation
he calls: "A Serious Look at Humor" which looks at why people laugh, as well as
how to use humor when presenting to a group.

The 'Serious Look At Humor' can be added, when it is appropriate.
When it is included, it adds from 15 to 20 minutes to the routine.
It is normally appropriate in seminar, rather than banquet, situations.

Quotes From Ron's
"Serious Look At Humor"

"There is not only a place for humor in the work place,
I believe there is actually a need for humor in the workplace."

"There is an attitude adjustment that takes place when you laugh,
and attitude largely determines how you will feel about things.
Look how many people think jogging is fun. Jogging has never been fun.
It is our attitude about jogging that has changed."

"Humor can improve attitudes.
With humor people can very often make a point without making an enemy.
They can disagree, without being disagreeable.
In fact I seriously recommend that somebody
should be planting some whoopee cushions in the United Nations Building."

"I believe the world would be a better place today
if we had a little more in three areas.
They are: Moderation, Toleration and Laughter."

Ron Has Written Three Joke Books

Click on a "JOKE BOOK" link below

for information on the joke books:

Book Update:
"How To Argue With Your Spouse" is now available again at
"Down Time" is out of print at this time, but often avaiable used on

"Dear Ron"

is now available, and explained, here at

"Down Time"

Down Time includes over 1200 jokes plus a chapter on:

This is a great for: banquet speakers, business speakers,
public speakers, humorists, comedians, etc.

Ron's third joke book is a gender neutral pseudo marriage manual called:

"How To Argue With Your Spouse"

Ron is featured in a great new book by Deb Benton-Gevock
called: "Celebrities Remember Their Favorite Teachers"
Click on this link for information.

Other favorite teacher stories included in the book come from:
Mary Kay Ash, Dave Barry, Baxter Black, Erma Bombeck, Erin Brockovich, Helen Gurley Brown,
George H. W. Bush, Johnny Cash, Mary Higgins Clark, Phyllis Diller, Fannie Flagg, Jeff Foxworthy,
Monty Hall, Laird Hamilton, Mariel Hemingway, Florence Henderson, Dr. J. Marvin Herndon,
Lee Iacocca, Shirley Jones, Garrison Keillor, Dean Koontz, Art Linkletter, Norman Mailer,
Ed McMahon, Robert Novak, Joe Paterno, Charlie Pride, Joan Rivers, Bud Selig, Bart Starr,
John Updike, Betty White and Vanna White.

Bio Information.

Ron got into comedy accidentally by collecting jokes and joke books, which led to
a library of humor related books, videos, DVDs and CDs that beats anything in the country.

In the early years, before going out onto the banquet circuit, Ron wrote jokes and sold them
to some of the country's all-time comedy greats, including the late Rodney Dangerfield.
Event planners should know that his comedy is clean, yet funny, and is always priced right.

You have seen him quoted in The Reader's Digest and for over 25 years
you have heard him quoted by the late Paul Harvey, several times a month.
And as fate would have it, on the final broadcast before he died,
Paul Harvey quoted Ron one more time.

Ron says, "Eventually I was being asked to emcee various functions, and before long
I was being contacted to be the program at these functions. This soon interfered
with my 'real job' in the hospitality industry. Then, in 1984/85 I was selected
as the Wisconsin winner in the 'Funniest Person In America' contest.
I decided to leave my real job to work the banquet circuit full-time. "

For over 30 years Ron has been booked from coast to coast,
for awards banquets, retirement parties, and to kick seminars off on a positive note.
He has written two joke books: "HOW TO ARGUE WITH YOUR SPOUSE" & "DOWN TIME"

Ron was born in Milwaukee, on Valentine's Day, and his first "real job" was as a police officer
on the Milwaukee Police Department, where he was part of their Underwater Recovery Team,
and delivered 17 babies while on the police ambulance. Ron Dentinger is presently a member
of The American Police Hall of Fame, Celebrity Board of Advisors. He played 11 years of football
including: The University of Wisconsin and he was an All Conference Guard for the
Racine Raiders in the Semi-pro Central States Football League.

Ron is a founding member of "The International Association of Pranksters & Hoaxers."

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...and the founder of "The American Society of Crotchety Old Men."

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Ron believes that everyone needs to have a hobby, and if you don't have a hobby,
you should be required to work fifteen hours a week for someone who does.
His hobbies include: Flying, SCUBA Diving, Music, Computers& Computer Music,
Genealogy, Collecting Humor Books, Amateur Astronomy, and Magic.

Regarding his grandchildren: Ron says that most grandparents are totally blind to the faults
of their grandchildren, but I'm not. He says, "I'm sure I'd see their faults...if they had any."

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